After Baby Care Doula
Becky Pfaff ~ Postpartum Doula
Overnight Newborn Specialist ~ CAPPA Certified ~ 970-391-8338


"When we arrived home from the NICU with our preemie twin girls (one on oxygen and one with eating challenges due to a cleft lip and palate), we were totally sleep deprived, entirely clueless, and a tiny bit terrified. Becky came into our home that very first night, and we can remember feeling all that worry melt away, almost instantly. Right from the beginning, we were completely confident leaving our tiny babies in her care. She has a loving, maternal quality about her that not only puts babies at ease, but also moms and dads (and grandmas, too!). And her seemingly limitless knowledge about infant development was-and still is-our best resource as first-time parents. (Your jaw will drop when you see how quickly she can swaddle up and soothe a crying baby.) Flash forward 8 months: We have two happy, well adjusted children who are total champs at sleeping (Becky had them sleeping through the night at 8 weeks!) and who absolutely beam when Becky walks through the door. We still ask Becky to watch the girls from time to time. It's like she's become part of the family; we can't imagine a month going by without seeing her. Other important qualities Becky has that are worth mentioning: She is always exactly on time. She respectfully follows parents' lead on parenting-but will gladly give well-informed advice if you ask for it. She's got a fantastic, generous laugh-which, when you're exhausted and stressed, really helps lighten the mood. To the point: We enthusiastically endorse Becky Pfaff as a doula."
   Cheryl and Tim, parents of twins

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Hello Mamas!

I am a certified postpartum doula who specializes in Overnight Newborn care. With over 20 years of experience, I have provided breastfeeding support/consulting, healthy sleep habits, sleep training, and support in creating routines for both singletons and multiples. The benefits of overnight care are monumental for both the parents and the babies because it allows both Mom and Dad to get much-needed sleep at night so they can enjoy time with the baby(ies) the next day. I offer a great deal of encouragement and confidence-building for new parents and will guide them through any process. In addition to overnight support, I offer daytime, evening, and weekend support. Phone consulting is also available.

Sleeping Twins

Professional Philosophy

The first hours, days, and weeks after bringing baby home are a very special, yet challenging time for new parents. I'm here to help ease the transition, to allow recovery and rest at your own pace, and to help you benefit from my education and experience. It is also my goal to ease and enhance the postpartum period, making the time a memorable, restful, and enjoyable experience.


L = Long and happy relationships with our postpartum families.
O = Opportunities to spend a very special time with new parents and their newborns.
V = Very committed to help non-judgmentally in any way we can.
E = Energetic about teaching and supporting parents and their newborns.